Backup and Migration


Backing Up Your Data


Just as it's a good idea to frequently save your work while working in VisiTrax, you'll want to be sure all your long-term work is not lost if you have an equipment failure or other disaster. At a minimum, here is the VisiTrax data you'll want to keep backed up and saved in a safe location:


Our web site address ( this is your VisiTrax program backup!
Your registration information (registered name, activation key) for re-installing VisiTrax.
Your VisiTrax library data and any playlists (*.trx, *.vxp, and possibly *.txt).


Migrating VisiTrax to a New Computer


Migrating VisiTrax to a new computer is much like migrating other software. Here's the recommended procedure:


1)Download the latest version of VisiTrax from our web site ( and install it on the new computer.
2)Transfer your VisiTrax library files and any playlists (*.trx, *.vxp, and possibly *.txt) to the new computer.
3)Register the program. If you will be running VisiTrax on two or more computers at the same time, you need to purchase a license and registration key for each such computer. If you will simply be switching from one computer to another, a single license and registration key will suffice.
4)Open your transferred library file (.trx).


Note:If you are using a CD-ROM to transfer your backed up data, note that files copied from a CD-ROM, on some PCs, will end up being set to read-only by default. If this happens, VisiTrax will not be able to update them. To correct this, change the attributes of your transferred data files so they are not "read only" (this can be done with Explorer or from a command prompt).


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