Creating Cross-References


Sometimes you might want to establish a cross-reference between an individual artist and other artists or groups, so that you can more readily locate everything you have related to that artist. Here's how you can do this:


1.For each individual artist needing a cross-reference, create a cross-reference volume record, entitled (Related Groups). For the media format, use Cross Reference (suggested location index prefix: XR).
2.Create one track entry in this volume for the individual artist, entitled * See also... the Category field can be anything.
3.Create one track entry in this volume for each related group, entitled * See also <artist name> for example, if the artist name is John Lennon, use * See also Lennon, John for the track title for each related group.


The use of cross-reference entries as outlined above will result in a Tracks view similar to this:


XR Tracks


Note how the use of asterisks keeps all of the Beatles cross-reference entries grouped together at the beginning.


If you double-click on the * See also Lennon, John entry, you'll see a Volume Contents view similar to this:


XR Contents


If you then double-click on the second track entry above, you'll be taken to a Tracks view similar to this:


XR Tracks2


One final note here: Cross Reference, (Related Groups), and * See also... are merely suggested naming conventions. They have no special meaning to VisiTrax. The punctuation we've suggested makes it evident that these are cross-reference entries, as opposed to real volume entries.


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