The terms appearing below have special meaning when used in conjunction with VisiTrax:


PlaylistA playlist is a playing schedule for selected tracks residing in any arbitrary set of volumes in the library.
Typical uses for a playlist might include scheduling of a program for use by a DJ, or defining material to be transcribed onto a tape or CD.
SwipingThis is a lot like drag and drop, except you don't have to move the mouse pointer very far at all.
To perform a swipe action, move the mouse cursor to the right or left a short distance while holding down the left mouse button, then release the button, all while remaining within the currently-highlighted line.
TrackA track is any discrete selection, song, tune, cut, video, etc. VisiTrax is designed to instantly locate individual tracks in your music library, regardless of their associated media.
At a minimum, each track has a defined artist name, title, and category (e.g. Classical, Folk Music, Rock, or any other description you might wish to use). Optionally, a track can have an index number, playing time, year, etc. File names can be specified for computer-based tracks (e.g. MIDI or WAV files).
VolumeA volume is any logical grouping of tracks sharing a common container, such as an album, tape, compact disc, box or tray, etc.
At a minimum, each volume has attributes of artist, title, and media format (e.g. 33 RPM Album, Compact Disc, DVD, or any other description you might wish to use). For computer-based tracks, such as MIDI and WAV files, a single directory pathname can be specified for a given volume.


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