Fonts, Colors, and Grid Lines


The following portions of the VisiTrax display can be tailored for fonts, background color, and grid lines:


The Tracks View grid
The Volumes View grid
The Volume Contents View grid, as well as its heading bar above the grid
The Playlist View grid, as well as its heading bar above the grid


To change the display characteristics for any of the above, place the mouse cursor over the area of interest and click the right-hand button for a "right-click" list of options. (For grid characteristics, this menu can also be accessed via Alt-P).


The view selection tab fonts can be changed by selecting Tabs Font from the main listing area's right-click menu.


In addition, the View > Options menu contains a Light Dialog Fonts option, which switches between a lighter or heavier default font style for VisiTrax dialogs. This affects, for example, the font style used for the status bar, filter controls in the Tracks and Volumes views, and the volume and track editing dialogs.


See also:Printing Options


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