General Preferences


The View > Options menu offers the following preference settings:


Data Entry Box ColorsThis contains a short submenu (Custom vs. Standard). Selecting Custom permits you to select a single custom background color for most data entry boxes. Selecting Standard will apply the default Window background color (as defined in your general Windows display settings).
Splash Banner on StartupWhen checked (default), displays a "VisiTrax" splash banner graphic during program startup. The main purpose of the splash banner is to provide a more immediate indication that the program is starting. If you have an aversion to such things, you can uncheck this option to inhibit the splash banner; however, we doubt you will see any noticeable difference in program startup speed.
Hint PopupsWhen checked (default), enables the display of pop-up hints (also known as "tool tips"). These can come in handy when you're first starting out, but some experienced users may prefer to disable them.
Light Dialog FontsDetermines the font style used within most VisiTrax dialogs.
Confirm on DeleteWhen checked, causes a confirmation dialog to appear prior to deleting a track or volume. Since VisiTrax also has an Undelete feature, you may find it more productive to work without delete confirmation.
Enable Print PreviewEnables or disables display of the Print Preview dialog prior to printing. If disabled, a simple pop-up dialog will be displayed instead.
Auto-detect CDsWhen checked, will cause VisiTrax to switch to the CD Player view automatically when an audio CD is inserted.
Auto-connect to ServerWhen checked, will cause VisiTrax to automatically enable access to the previously selected CD data server whenever the CD Player view is used. This is most useful if you have a continuous Internet connection.


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