Saving Your Changes


VisiTrax does not make any permanent updates to your library file until you explicitly tell it to save the changes you've made, by doing any of the following:


Click on the Save toolbar button. If this button is grayed out, your file is up to date (no changes are pending).
Select Save from the File menu. If this menu option is grayed out, no changes are pending.
If you attempt to close the current file, and the file is not up to date because you have changes pending, VisiTrax will ask if you wish to save your changes. This occurs if you select New, Open, or Close; or if you exit the program.


If you've just created a new library file and haven't named it yet, VisiTrax will query you for the filename when you do any of the above actions.


To explicitly save the current library with a new filename, select Save As... from the File menu. This can be useful for deriving a new library file from an existing one.


To reduce the risk of losing your work due to a system problem (e.g. sudden power failure), be sure to save your changes periodically, especially after making significant additions. (And of course it should go without saying that it's prudent to make system backups regularly.)


Each time your library file is saved, a backup of the preceding version will be saved in the same directory. The filename will be the same, except that the first character in the file extension will be a tilde ("~").


See also:Supported File Formats


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