VisiTrax Registration


VisiTrax is available in two editions, both of which operate with the same, easy-to-use look and feel:


VisiTrax Lite, our freeware edition, is ideal for anyone with a fairly modest media library. If your library eventually grows beyond 100 volumes or 1000 tracks, you'll start seeing reminders to upgrade to the Standard Edition, but the library itself can continue to grow as needed so you can realistically evaluate how well our commercial edition will work for you by using VisiTrax Lite. (VisiTrax Lite also supports up to 100 Winamp-playable audio files.) Note that when VisiTrax Lite is used to view library files saved by VisiTrax Standard Edition, no upgrade reminders will appear regardless of library size.


VisiTrax Standard Edition, the registered edition of VisiTrax, is designed to support large media libraries (1000's of CDs for example), and large numbers of audio files.


Benefits of Registration (Upgrading to VisiTrax Standard Edition)


Large library support - And no upgrade reminders (duh).
Printout "branding" removed - The VisiTrax Lite legend is removed from printouts.
Free updates - As we post version updates on our web page from time to time, your activation key will continue to apply.
Our gratitude - Your registration fee will help us continue to add new features and other improvements to VisiTrax.


Telephone and On-Line Registrations


To register VisiTrax by telephone or on line, visit our web site at for a direct link to a trusted third-party registration service. Major credit cards are accepted, and a secure server is used for your protection.


For fastest results, your activation key can be sent to you at the e-mail address you provide, as soon as your order is processed. We will keep your e-mail address in confidence.


Registrations by Mail


To register by mail, be sure to include:


a check or money order for $30.00 US, payable to "Synapsa Productions"
your name to be used for registration
your e-mail address or a small self-addressed, stamped envelope


Send the above items to


Synapsa Productions / VT

217 Victory Lane

St. Charles, MO 63303-8432



Upon receipt of payment we will send your activation key to you. For fastest results, this will be sent to your e-mail address if you provide one. We will keep your e-mail address in confidence.


Registered Playlist Users


Your existing Playlist 4.03 activation key also works with VisiTrax, as will your existing Playlist library database files.


Copyright 2006 Synapsa Productions