Checking for Updates


From time to time, new improved versions of VisiTrax will be made available to all registered users for free, for download from our web site. VisiTrax automatically checks for a new version update in the background, whenever you first access a CD data server on a given day with the CD Reader dialog. If a new update is found, VisiTrax will notify you the next time you exit the program.


You can also verify whether you have the latest version at any time by selecting Check for Updates... from the VisiTrax Help menu.


Note:Check for Updates... may require connecting to our server via the Internet, to obtain timely (same-day) information. If you use dial-up networking, you'll need to establish a dial-up connection before performing this operation. VisiTrax uses your web browser's settings to determine whether you use dial-up networking. If VisiTrax is unable to contact our server, see if it is able to connect to one of the freedb servers from the CD Player view. If VisiTrax is unable to contact either our server or a freedb server, but your browser can access our web site, check your proxy settings.


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