Volume Contents View


The Volume Contents View lists tall of the tracks contained in a selected volume, as shown below. This is the view you would use for adding, deleting, or updating track entries. Tracks in this view are sorted primarily by index number.




Navigating the List


You can scroll through the list of tracks as you would with any standard Windows listbox. If you click on a particular track (or use the up- or down-arrow keys to do the same thing), it becomes highlighted, as shown above, and the category for that track is displayed on the status bar at the bottom left.


The right-hand section of the status bar indicates the current volume's location index, as well as its media format.


If you double-click on a selected volume, VisiTrax will switch to the Tracks View, automatically scolling as necessary to the selected track.


A checkmark symbol denotes a track that has been selected into the current playlist. Since there is an active playlist, the Playlist view tab is shown, and the middle status bar section indicates the total playlist time.


To access details for a selected track, press the space bar, or choose Update Details from the Edit or right-click menu. (Note that this function is not available for any tracks selected into the current playlist.)


Additional Data Columns


The Volume Contents view includes many additional data columns that you don't normally see. To access these additional columns, simply scroll to the right using the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the listing. These additional columns are always available, and you are free to move any columns in or out of the main set. For more information on how to do this, see Changing Which Columns You See.


Note that some columns contain data for which there are no manual data entry fields, either because the data is automatically computed (e.g. Disc ID and Vol Time), or because it's simply an alternate data representation (e.g. Location).  Once such column worth noting here is Alt Source, which appears only in this view. This is useful when organizing audio file links.


Playing MP3 and other Audio Files


If the currently highlighted track is linked to an MP3 or other audio file, clicking the PlayAudio toolbar button will initiate play of that file either by Winamp, if you have Winamp v5 installed on your PC, or otherwise by the file's associated media player program (if any).


Renumbering Tracks


To automatically number or renumber all the tracks sequentially, choose Renumber Tracks > Number sequentially from the Edit menu. (Identically numbered tracks with a letter suffix, or with identical titles and times, will remain identically numbered.)


To remove all track numbering, choose Renumber Tracks > Alphabetize with no numbering from the Edit menu.


Volume-to-Volume Browsing


To browse from one volume's contents to those of the previous or next volume, click the BrowseLeft or toolbar button. Volume sequencing will automatically wrap around from the last volume back to the first, and vice versa, sounding an "OK" tone when a limit wrap occurs.


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