General Resizing Features


The entire VisiTrax window can be resized, using any of the standard Windows resizing methods.  The Add New Volume and Add New Track dialogs, and the corresponding Volume Details and Track Details dialogs, likewise can be resized in similar fashion.


Listing View Resizing Features


In any of the list grids, any columns containing non-formatted data, such as the Artist or Title columns, can be resized by by dragging their divider on the heading bar. Double-clicking this divider automatically sets the column's width based on the widest data it contains. To reset the column proportions back to their initial defaults, choose Reset Column Widths from the View menu.


Above the list grid in the Tracks and Volumes views, you can drag the vertical divider to adjust relative widths of the left and right sets of filter fields (handy if you have some unusually long category descriptions, for example).


CD Player View Resizing Features


On occasion, you might want to adjust the relative sizing of sections within the CD Player view. To temporarily adjust relative widths, you can "grab" any of four vertical resizing bars with your mouse and move them left or right as desired.


You also can "grab" the top edge of the lower panel containing the track-specific information, and move it up or down to temporarily adjust relative heights.


See also:Fonts, Colors, and Grid Lines


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